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Marvin is an Air Force Veteran, having served for six years. Marvin accepted the nomination to be a director for The Friends at the October 2017 election.


Marvin is a member of American Legion Post 185 and its Honor Guard. He is a longtime volunteer at the Cemetery as a Chapel and Office Volunteer since 2003 and as a member of the Firing Party since 2013. He was Volunteer of the Year in 2005 and 2013. He has been present for over 9000 interment ceremonies at the Cemetery, an incredible testimony to his commitment to our Veterans.


Based upon his frequent activities at the cemetery, he has served as the Friends liaison to the cemetery, facilitating the relocation of the pathway for the firing detail, obtaining funds for the curb cutting, the seasonal flowers, the water fountain, the badges for Chapel Volunteers and the reimbursement for the Volunteer Luncheons.


Marvin was awarded the "Game Changer" Award in 2022 at the Springfield Thunderbirds -- Wilhes-Barre/Scranton Penguins Hockey Game for his work at the cemetery.


Marvin has also been volunteering at the Storrowton Village Museum as a tour guide during the Big E since 2008. Marvin has run in 39 marathons and has been volunteering for the Boston Marathon since he last ran in the marathon in 2002. Marvin still runs 4-6 miles, six days a week.

Marvin continues to serve as a director for The Friends.

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