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Angelo was born and raised in Springfield, MA where he graduated from Springfield Central High School. From early on in his life he wanted to be in the armed forces. Upon completing high school, Angelo joined the US Navy. He Served on the USS Savanna and USS Dwight D Eisenhower. Once his tour was completed, he came back to this area and worked with the DYS/CHD juvenile justice program where he was a program Manager. 


Angelo always promoted the armed forces to the young, troubled youths. Angelo changed career paths and went into skilled maintenance. He moved to Agawam in 2014 after spending some time in Florida.


Angelo has been on the Board of Directors for Agawam Little League since 2019. He works to help make the league better for all, but primarily for children with disabilities. He is currently working on a challenger program; this will help those who are not able to play a regular game due to physical or other disabilities. Angelo has always wanted to do something that would leave an impact. He attends his children’s Veteran’s Day school events and has also done so for his nephews and nieces.


Angelo wanted to be part of The Friends organization after seeing the website.  “What a way to continue to remember our Vets from every era of conflict and their families.”  Angelo would like to help promote what The Friends do through every community. Being bi-lingual, he can reach further into communities for sponsors, informing other communities about The Friends. Angelo would like to help continue the hard work The Friends have done and help to make improvements wherever needed. 

Angelo is currently serving as a director for The Friends.

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