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Memorial Day Ceremony May 29, 2023

Following today's Memorial Day ceremony at the Massachusetts Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Agawam, Governor Maura Healey took time to meet Veterans, family members, and others who attended the ceremony.

Among those the Governor met with was Rose Ciborowski who personifies the volunteer spirit. For over 22 years Rose has been available every weekend since the cemetery opened in 2001, to assist family members who visit the cemetery! The Friends honored Rose with the plaque which hangs in the lobby of the administration building at the cemetery. The Friends salute both Governor Healey and Rose Ciborowski for their commitment to Veterans.

Marvin Howard, an Air Force Veteran met with Governor Maura Healey following today's Memorial Day ceremony. Marvin, who has served on the Volunteer Firing Detail for over 20 years, serves as a Chapel Guide and is also a Director of The Friends; had the honor of reading the Governor's Memorial Day Proclamation at today's ceremony. Congratulations to Marvin and our thanks to Governor Healey for her participation in today's ceremony and support of Veterans.

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