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Wreaths-Out January 16, 2024

Updated: Jan 22

Thanks to the many volunteers who braved the cold and snowy weather to help remove all 9,528 wreaths from the MA Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Agawam!

And as always, thanks to the crew at the Massachusetts Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Agawam!

Lots of different types of instruments were used to help remove multiple wreaths at a time; brooms, rakes, hockey sticks, even a roof rake!

Some photos with fresh snow falling before removal started:

Getting instructions from the cemetery crew:

And the removal begins!

After wreaths were put into piles, we loaded them into bucket loaders to be moved out:

A snow rake help many wreaths!

Brooms, rakes, car snow brushes, all make good wreath collectors!

Thanks to the family who spent their snow day helping out at the cemetery!

Thanks to the group from American Legion Granby Post 266, and Auxiliary Unit 266:

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